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The master plan and architectural design of Krisumi City has been developed by world renowned Japanese design firm NIKKEN SEKKEI, the name behind the famed Tokyo Sky Tree.

Taking an integrated approach to all their projects, Nikken Sekkei as a professional service firm, across all in-house disciplines of architectural design: urban design, research, planning and consulting - teams work collaboratively to deliver better solutions for clients. Since their establishment in 1900, Nikken Sekkei have completed more than 25,000 projects, in over 250 cities, across 50 countries.

About Krisumi City

The First Indo-Japanese Mega Real Estate Project

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Krisumi City

Krisumi City is an urban development project that seamlessly blends Japanese craftsmanship and Indian hospitality, to create a living that’s simply sophisticated.

Spanning 18 million square feet and spread across 65 acres, Krisumi City is located in Sector 36 A, Gurugram, at the confluence of the key arterial roads of the city viz. Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), NH-8, Central Peripheral Road (CPR) and the Dwarka Expressway (NPR).

Designed by the world-class designers Nikken Sekkei, Krisumi City will be designed with the highest standards of Japanese quality and aesthetics.


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Legal Disclaimer

This website is designed to inform and familiarize you with our company, communities and affiliates and is in no way an offer for sale. The artistic renderings are only illustrative to depict real estate development and is not meant to show the elevations or planning of the proposed development to be undertaken, which is proposed to be undertaken in a phased manner on approx 26.346 hectares (65 acres), Sector 36 A, Gurugram. This brochure is not an offer for sale and is only intended to apprise the reader with the company’s undertaking development and their background. Offer for sale would be made in due course of time.